Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How to publish website in a LAN

To publish website in LAN:

1) install IIS server on the system where you want to host your website.
2) Copy your website to this system.You can share the website on the LAN.
3) open IIS services manager.this can be done in three ways:

·         Type Inetmgr in RUN

·         Open Control Panel > Administrative tools > Internet Information Services

·         Right click My Computer, click Manage and expand Internet Information Services

4) Right Click on default web sites and click on ADD.
5) Select Virtual Directory and Browse your Website.
6) give some Alias name to your website.
7) finish the wizard.
8) now in your Browser in the address bar type your systems(the one on which you made the website) local
    host name and the IP address.
9) and you are done!!

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